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Classic never goes out of style!

Ways you can blush

I found this article my mom cut out in the 70’s to teach students how to use blush according to their facial shape and desired look— It’s ironic that it still holds true- classic never goes out of style!
We’ve got an assortment of powder blushes and a new short handled blush brush to apply it!

I also love the radiant creme cheek colors that serve as a lip color as well-2 uses in 1 -with new colors available.
AND we have had a balm for years (no it’s not a new thing!) to highlight cheeks or use over concealer to keep it from being too dry – our clear color gives you more versatility than the tinted ones on the market, and it’s only $25!!

You’ll love your new age-defying look with these Daniel Cole products!

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