Daniel Cole Collection – Makeup Collection


Classic Never Goes out of Style!

I found this article my mom cut out in the 70’s to teach students how to use blush according to their facial shape and desired look— It’s ironic that it still holds true- classic never goes out of style!
We’ve got an assortment of powder blushes and a new short handled blush brush to apply it!

Tinted Moisturizers are your best weapon against dry skin.

Get beautiful, lightweight coverage while hydrating your skin and protecting against the sun. The perfect formula in one little tube. 

Transparent Lip Pencil

Use as a barrier by applying to prevent any feathering and keep your lip line in place. Use color lip pencil over the transparent one

Creme Foundation

More Coverage / Less Makeup

Keep the area under your eyes moist and hydrated without smudging!

Available in 11 beautiful shades, No perfumes, contains a natural sunscreen, and has a shelf life of over 5 years! 

Your lipstick will look flawless even after the big kiss!

THE perfect gift for someone newly engaged!

Our lipsticks are long-lasting and come in beautiful shades to perfectly match your wedding day.